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Ray [Spindler] Elk
Bleima [Spindler] Fabian
Clara [Spindler] Jacobowitz
Bessie [Spindler] Jacoff
Hannah "Honey" [Spindler] Levenberg
Bernice [Spindler] Rothschild
Bennie Spindler
Celia [???] Spindler
Chana [Steinbrecher] Spindler
Child3? Spindler
Ella [Fabian] Spindler
Harry Spindler
Helen [Lerner] Spindler
Howard Spindler
Kim [Englund] Spindler
Kylie Spindler
Mechel Spindler
Meiyer Spindler
Mendel Spindler
Meyer "Manny" Spindler
Meyer Spindler
Michael Spindler
Risha [???] Spindler
Robin Spindler
Ruth [Passin] Spindler
Schmuel Spindler
Shari Spindler
Spouse Spindler
Sutton Spindler
Sylvia [Ader] Spindler
Valborg "Val" [Quinn] Spindler
Rosie [Spindler] Striker
Risha [Spindler] Sudwertz
Gail [Spindler] Trop
Gussy [Spindler] Ulan
Mildred "Millie" [Spindler] Wachterman

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File Created on 23 OCT 2022.

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