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Sophie [Picus] Bergen
Jill Susan [Picus] [Mayer] Check
Amalia "Mali" Michelle [Picus] Davis
Barbara [Picus] Fleischer
Marlene [Picus] Freeman
Bessie [Picus] Katz
Beverly Joan [Picus] Lakritz
Arlene Sue [Picus] Langhammer
Yvette "Yetta" Bell [Picus] [Schuster] Levy
Miriam [Picus] Marshall
Emily [Picus] Picus-Lowe
Aaron Samuel Picus
Alysson [Boote] Picus
Anne [Lustig] Picus
Bernard Picus
Bubbe Picus
Celine [Wong] Picus
Charles Picus
Daniel Max Picus
Daniel Picus
David Picus
Ephraim E. Picus
Fannie [Himmelstein] Picus
Felicia [Gayle] Picus
Geoffrey Picus
Gerald Picus
Ishtai Picus
Jacob [Siegel-Picus] Siegel Picus
Jamie [Kanarish] Picus
Jeffrey Stephen Picus
Joel Picus
Jonathan Picus
Joshua Picus
Joshua Picus
Joy [Newberger] Picus
Judith [Chemerov] Picus
Julie [Schwager] Picus
Karen Sue [Lane] Picus
Larry Picus
Laura [Friedman] Picus
Laurie Picus
Leda [Morey] Picus
Lenore [Cohen] [Kass] [Minkin] Picus
Leonard Picus
Lisa [Gelhaar] Picus
Louis Picus
Mabel [Sucher] Picus
Mark Picus
Mary [Muss] Picus
Mathew Picus
Matthew Frederick Pasternak Picus
Michael Picus
Mildred [Schuster] Picus
Miles Picus
Mitchel Cory Picus
Mordechai "Max" Picus
Morris Picus
Nancy [Pryzant] Picus
Nathan Picus
Nye Picus
Pat [Mace] Picus
Peter Picus
Rita [Peckarsky] Picus
Roei Picus
Rose [???] Picus
Rose [Himmelstein] Picus
Roy Picus
Ruth [Schnoll] Picus
Sam Picus
Samuel Picus
Sandra Lee [Werner] Picus
Scott David Picus
Shelley [Saichek] Picus
Sister Picus
Steven Picus
Sue [???] Picus
Susan Picus
Tsafrir Picus
Zeide Picus
Annette "Nicky" [Picus] Rozine
Anne [Picus] Silverman
Lillian [Picus] Wexler

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File Created on 23 OCT 2022.

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