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Perl Leah [Kravitz] Bercowitz
Abe [Kravitz] Cohen
Isadore [Kravitz] Cohn
Sam [Kravitz] Cohn
Joe [Kravitz] Crown
Sara Malya [Kravitz] Goldstein
Beverly [Kravitz] Greenhill
??? Kravitz
Abe Kravitz
Arraham Tzvi Kravitz
Barry Kravitz
David Kravitz
Debbie [Bolshy] Kravitz
Eliezer Kravitz
Gneshe Rive [Chalcham] Kravitz
Jordan Kravitz
Judy [Glazer] Kravitz
Kenny Kravitz
Leba Chava Kravitz
Meishe Kravitz
Melissa Kravitz
Molly [Brown] Kravitz
Nachama Zisel Kravitz
Nissen Kravitz
Rebecca [Plotnick] Kravitz
Ronald Kravitz
Sane Chaeh Kravitz
Schemei Kravitz
Susan Kravitz
Henye [Kravitz] Levin
Nechama [Kravitz] Meister
Sophie [Kravitz] [Cohn] Sharpe
Marlene [Kravitz] Weil

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File Created on 23 OCT 2022.

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