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Sonya [Galinsky] Danon
Dorothy [Galinsky] Fox
Marion [Galinsky] Gale
Hyman [Galinsky] Galen
Harry [Galinsky] Galens
Sylvia [Galinsky] Gale
Alex [Galinsky] Galin
Billy [Galinsky] Galin
Dave [Galinsky] Galin
Gary [Galinsky] Galin
Minnie [Rockert] [Galinsky] Galin
Murray [Galinsky] Galin
Inbar [Galinsky] Galinsky-Tero
Arye Leib Galinsky
Bella Galinsky
Brother Galinsky
Chaya Riva [???] Galinsky
Claude Galinsky
Daliah [Ozeri] Galinsky
Dan Galinsky
David Galinsky
Deborah [Edelstein] Galinsky
Donald Galinsky
Dora [Starr] Galinsky
Dora Galinsky
Douglas Galinsky
Ester [Glass] Galinsky
Eyal "Alan" Galinsky
Fanny [Osherof] Galinsky
Faygel Galinsky
Florence [Feldman] Galinsky
Fortuna "Nona" [Abekasis] Galinsky
Frances Galinsky
Gabriel Galinsky
Gillian Galinsky
Goldie [Sanderovitch] Galinsky
Iris Galinsky
Irving Galinsky
Jeffrey Galinsky
Jonathan Galinsky
Joseph Galinsky
Lorraine [Diamond] Galinsky
Louis Galinsky
Max Galinsky
Moran Galinsky
Nancy [Quirogea] Galinsky
Nathan Galinsky
Nicole Galinsky
Revital Galinsky
Ronit [???] Galinsky
Ruben "Rachmiel" Galinsky
Sam "Munya" Galinsky
Sara [Diskin] Galinsky
Sara [Ovadia] Galinsky
Shimeon Galinsky
Sonya [???] Galinsky
Theodore Galinsky
Toby [Langer] Galinsky
Wife Galinsky
Yaakov Galinsky
Yehuda Arye Galinsky
Yerachmiel Galinsky
Yifat Galinsky
Yitzchak Galinsky
Frank Irving [Galinsky] Gallen
Clara [Galinsky] Gilinsky
Yael [Galinsky] Kadouri
Rose [Galinsky] Kaufman
Lillian [Galinsky] Kraisman
Sharon [Galinsky] Krebs
Becky "Betty" [Galinsky] Lebove
Pazit "Paz" [Galinsky] Maslo
Anna [Galinsky] Shulman
Sonia [Galinsky] Swinkin
Donna [Galinsky] Zuckerbrot

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